I am a company

If you are a professional company, the Professional Chamber can offer you a platform of companies that cooperate to respond to important but not always urgent issues, which can often be eclipsed by the day-to-day running of a professional practice:

  • We learn from the experience of the other members and relevant actors in the sector from regular professional discussions. This allows us to keep up to date with the demands of the market, technological, legal, commercial, labour issues, etc
  • We keep up to date with the sector with a newsletter where everyone can contribute information
  • We focus continuously on striving to improve our services
  • We promote contemporary sustainable and collaborative dynamics and their implementation
  • We get to know other companies in the sector, those with different aims and those compatible with our own
  • We collaborate with the Administration to improve the building ecosystem
  • We visit representative buildings with their technicians

If you would like to meet potential collaborators, you can view samples of companies’ work here.

If you would like to contact us or apply to join the Professional Chamber, click here

    I am a developer

    As a developer you will find in us a group of companies committed to service excellence. We operate with the most advanced parameters demanded by the market: cooperation, knowledge, efficiency, global sustainability, and the circular economy.

    We cover all the processes of value generation in professional services in construction, from urban planning studies, through project management and project drafting to construction management and facility management.

    You can directly request service offers from our various members or we can help you set up multidisciplinary teams to meet your needs.

    You can find more information here.

      I am an administration

      As an administration you will find in us an interdisciplinary approach to the market, with a deep knowledge of the potential, challenges and needs of our sector.

      The building sector can act as a driving force to improve the living conditions of urban inhabitants and transform the industry towards sustainable parameters, with added value and the ability to create value and export.

      There is a transformative potential that is still largely untapped. To activate it, it is necessary to move towards a clean, sustainable, modular and innovative construction industry, it is necessary to promote participatory processes, and it is necessary to promote the reform of the building stock.

      That is why we are founding members of the Barcelona Observatory for Architectural Rehabilitation (OBRA), we are members of the Catalan Federation of Construction Industry, Commerce and Services (FECOCAT), we are founding members of the Building the Future Commission, led by the ’ITeC, we are founding members of the Interest Group for Urban Sustainability (GIxSU), among others.

      We also have institutional relations with various public and private entities (local, regional and state administrations, various professional associations, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the BIThabitat foundation…).