The Chamber of Professional Services (La Cambra de Serveis Professionals) is a business organisation (constituted under Law 19/1977, of 1 April 1977). Its members are professional firms that offer the construction sector the services of the liberal professions, working together, linked to the areas of architecture and engineering. It focuses mainly on the sub-sectors of construction and urban planning.

It is therefore, by its very nature, a multidisciplinary grouping with the aim of bringing together professional companies that are primarily engaged in MANAGING, DRAFTING AND/OR CONSULTING AND LEADING all types of planning processes, projects and construction works and urban infrastructures.

In terms of territorial presence, it is mainly based in Catalonia, although many of the groups also work across Spain and there are some that also work abroad.

In terms of scope of skills, it focuses mainly on the Building and Urban Planning sub-sectors.

All professional architecture, engineering and urban planning companies are welcome to join, as long as they share the ideology and are interested in persevering in the achievement of the objectives in order to move forward together on this path. It is also a question of exchanging experiences in order to capitalise on them.

As provided for by the Law, our professional societies exercise, through their members, the liberal professions of architect, technical architect, industrial engineer, civil engineer, technical engineer, etc. In other words, many of them are multidisciplinary, although there are some that are made up exclusively of architects, or of building engineers, or of engineers. In short, the Chamber (La Cambra) is, by definition, a transversal organisation within the scope of the sector’s practitioners.

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Professional Services Collective Manifesto
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